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Eating at Cathryn's Tuscan Grill will improve your mileage!

The first time each month that you dine with us, you can earn
air miles which can then be applied towards free travel on
American Airlines. For each dollar spent in the restaurant
(including beverages, tax and tips), you will earn mileage
credits which are applied to American's AirMiles program.

If you have an existing American Airlines Advantage number,
these award miles will be credited to that account; and if you
don't already have a Mileage account, sign-up for free (below).

If you do already have a frequent flyer number with American Airlines,
then all you need to do to earn mileage credits at Cathryn's is register
for free with the Advantage Dining Program by calling: 800-479-5981,
at which time you can designate one or more credit cards which will
accrue the mileage when using the card(s) at Cathryn's Tuscan Grill.
Play your cards right ...   and you won't just be enjoying a taste of
Tuscany at Cathryn's ...   you could actually be visiting Tuscany!


Your first visit each month to Cathryn's Tuscan Grill will qualify
for 10 air miles for each dollar spent - meaning that each month
in which you return to Cathryn's you will qualify again, up to 12
visits per year.   Once registered with this free program, air miles
are automatically credited to your account when you use one of
the credit or debit cards that you designate when you register.

Beyond that, it's simple math:  for example, if your total check
(including tax & tip) amounts to $100.00, the mileage that will be
automatically be awarded to your account will be 1,000 miles.

Having the Tuscan Grill cater your private parties, event, or
special occasion, is another way to earn American Air Miles,
just as long as you pay with the designated credit or debit card
(you can earn awards of up to 6,000 air miles in any given month).

You receive a monthly mileage summary from American Airlines
in the mail which will itemize the miles you've earned to date;
a guide to discounts & free flights the miles can be used for;
in addition to other opportunities to earn additional mileage.

If you're not already an AAdvantage member, click for free
instant enrollment in the American Airlines mileage program

Those who have an existing AAdvantage account
(or, after you have joined-up with American online)
must register with the Dining Program by phoning:


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 Tuscan Grill

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